GM #234: Xande Ribeiro’s guard system

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Few athletes manage to stay on top for as long as Xande Ribeiro. The eight-time world champion has been among the strongest competitors in BJJ for over 15 years. He has achieved great results by molding his game in a simple, efficient way and has forged one of the most efficient guards in the sport.

We went to San Diego to break down Xande’s guard system, and we bring you all the details, which are based on four pillars: the Frame, the Shield, the Block and the Pedal. Besides delving into the guard system, we had a long chat with Xande where he reveals secrets to his game, gives advice and talks about the principles and concepts of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Graciemag 234 also features full coverage of the World Master Championship — a masterclass of images and positions with great names such as Olympic judo medalist Travis Stevens, and masters such as Fabio Gurgel, Leozinho Vieira and Vinícius Draculino. We also walk you through the Godoi choke, the technique used By Roberto Godoi to win double gold at the event, and we share precious tips by former UFC champs Rafael dos Anjos and Anderson Silva. This and more can be found inside Graciemag 234.

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