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In 2015, Marcus Buchecha saw his dream of becoming the first four-time world champion turn into a nightmare as he suffered a serious injury at the Worlds. He went a year without competing and thought he would never fight again. Learn more about this journey of perseverance that culminated in this year’s unprecedented triumph, and enjoy an exclusive interview with the champion recounting the entire ordeal — his questions about the future and how he confronted his fears to get back to the very top.

This special edition also brings the complete coverage of the World Championships with the victories of Leandro Lo, Bruno Malfacine, Lucas Lepri, André Galvão, Dominika Obelenyte and all the champions who shone in Long Beach, California, as well as the emotional retirements of Romulo Barral and Michele Nicolini.

Graciemag 232 also features a numerical summary of everything that went down at the 2016 Worlds. We compared the percentage of fights decided by points and submissions with last year’s. We also analyzed which were the most frequent submission types, which were the most popular guards, the most efficient sweeps, the best submission defenses, and much more.

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