Get a Ricardo Cavalcanti lesson from his seminar in Fortaleza

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Ricardo Cavalcanti and the seminar participants in Fortaleza / Photo by Junior Samurai/

Ricardo Cavalcanti is a GMA of ours and the leader at Carlson Gracie Las Vegas, in the US state of Nevada. The black belt under late master Carlson Gracie is a Jiu-Jitsu scholar who’s always looking to impart his knowledge with all comers, not to mention doing his part to benefit the needy. This includes the work he’s been doing in the Northeast Brazilian city of Fortaleza, where he lends a hand at social outreach project Ação e Reação, which he came to know about over the internet.

To collaborate in the local Jiu-Jitsu scene’s evolution and to help out a clutch of underprivileged kids, Cavalcanti held a 138-participant seminar last August 31.

“We had a number of athletes, black belt competitors and everyone taught some. I learned as well. It was an honor to be here in Fortaleza for the first time, with so many great people. It was a success, a friendly affair. Everyone helped out and for sure Master Carlson Gracie was here with us, since what he liked most was seeing everyone training and competing,” said Ricardo in an interview with, before teaching a guard pass from his arsenal.

Note how he controls the opponent’s waist and then slides his hip around, before grabbing the opponent’s waist to keep him from escaping. Next, he moves past guard and settles in side-control.

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