Find out how Rubens Cobrinha Swept Tanquinho at the Europeans Final

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Rubens Cobrinha against Augusto Tanquinho at 2013 European Open (photo by Ivan Trindade/

One of the highlights of the last European Jiu-Jitsu Championship, which wrapped up last weekend, was the final between two of the most technical athletes around at the moment, featherweights Rubens Cobrinha and Augusto Tanquinho.

Cobrinha, our GMA in Los Angeles, made two attempts before sweeping Tanquinho in style (check out minute 11:12 of the video).

But how did the sweep happen? In a conversation with, Augusto Tanquinho gave his account:

“I was on top and the score was 0-0. And as the match was coming to an end, I decided to go for a figure-four footlock on him. The initial position was in place, but I ended up losing hold and he ended up on top, scoring two points. I still had a chance to draw even with a sweep, but I didn’t get to stabilize it and he ended up winning by 2-0. Props to him for making fewer mistakes. He deserves the win,” said the professor for team Soul Fighters.

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