Fabrício Werdum talks about saving a drowning teenager

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Werdum. Carlos Arthur Jr.

A champion isn’t made up just of bravery when he’s in the arena. Fabrício Werdum, the former UFC champion, displayed tenacity and a big heart as he helped in a rescue in the U.S. against an angry sea that was dragging two youths beyond the surf.

This happened in Torrance, where Werdum and family were spending the afternoon. After seeing the fire fighters moving, the heavyweight noticed that only one lifeguard had jumped in the water to save a couple of teenagers.

“I grabbed the orange buoy, put it across my chest and got close to the lifeguard — a bit in front, really,” Werdum said to Diego Ribas of Ag. Fight. “I told him to get the girl, who was screaming a lot, and I got the boy, who was already limp. I managed to get him, and we headed to the beach. The waves were big; the girl went underwater like three times. Jesus! My heart was pounding hard; it’s an extreme situation. It’s worse than a fight — not even close.”

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