European Open: Michelle Nicolini and Luanna Alzuguir in absolute final this Sunday

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Luanna Alzuguir encaixa o armlock em Marina Ribeiro no aberto do Europeu 2013 Foto Ivan Trindade

Luanna Alzuguir sinks an armbar on Marina Ribeiro at European Open 2013. (Photo by Ivan Trindade)

The two favorites to win the female-black belt-open weight division each had impeccable campaigns.

Luanna Alzuguir of Alliance tapped out UAE Team’s Carol DeLazzer from back control in the first of her matches. Next, she masterfully caught Marina Ribeiro by the arm in the semifinal.

Now, Michelle Nicolini of CheckMat won her semifinal by tapping out Polyana Lago, who had tapped out Mackenzie Dern a little earlier, sending her through to this Sunday’s final.

Stay tuned to for further updates in our coverage from the European Open.

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