Donkey Guard: a valid skill or just a useless stunt?

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Black belt Jeff Glover is known for his antics when it comes to Jiu-Jitsu.

Last Saturday, he awed the gentle art community with what he called the “Donkey Guard”.

0_HayabusaGi_StampSiteThe technique consists of turning his back to the opponent and waiting for him to make a move and then attack.

You can see that in the very first move of Metamoris 4 secret match against Baret Yoshida.

When the Hawaiian goes for Glover’s back, he reacts and almost locks a heel hook.

The strategy created a lot of buzz, with lovers and haters spread over the internet.

During the broadcast, Ryron Gracie complained about Glover’s moves, specially and he stood upside down at one point, doing a yoga position.

Glover himself reacted to the buzz with a post on his Facebook page: “If donkey guard upsets you , just know this . At one point , closed guard pissed people off . New ideas will always be looked at as a challenge of old methods , that we have seamed to formed emotional attachments to. Try to keep an open mind . Maybe even try the method . Donkey guard is dope . You just wouldn’t know , because you live in the past , and don’t how to progress the sport . The way I see it , why not make up new moves ? What kind of cookie cutter student are you ? Maybe you need a new coach or teacher , who isn’t stuck in the 1970s …”

Watch the match again and tell us if you think it’s a valid skill that should be tried out or just a useless stunt that mocks real Jiu-Jitsu technique?

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