Davi Ramos to do a gi superfight at SJJSAF South American

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Davi Ramos. Graciemag.com

An ADCC champion and UFC fighter, Davi Ramos will be one of the big attractions of the SJJSAF South American Open, which will take place this weekend in Rio de Janeiro. The black-belt will be donning the gi to take part in one of the superfights.

The event will pay cash prizes to the lightweight absolute and absolute champions, from blue to black belt, both in the adult and master groups. The prizes will be the same for men and women. While juvenile fighters won’t be in the running for any cash, the absolute champions of this age group will get free entry into the 2020 Rio Challenge.

This year’s edition will also feature the traditional parajiu-jitsu matches, as well as the Kids Challenge, with forty belts on the line.

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