Cerebral palsy doesn’t stop this man from training Jiu-Jitsu; what’s your excuse?

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Jiu-Jitsu brings together people of all kinds. It offers benefits for absolutely every single person who steps on the mat to train. Whether it’s a weight loss goal, a need for a hobby, self-defense or any other reason, you can reap rewards proving that Jiu-Jitsu is for everyone.

Even people with disabilities find training fulfilling like Alex Madrid of San Francisco, CA. Alex has a condition called cerebral palsy that causes impairment in motor skills. At a recent open mat session black belt Bill Hotter was able to roll with the white belt, which was posted on YouTube.

The roll between the two shows that even at black belt, you can still gain experience from training with white belts. It also represents the numerous qualities that Jiu-Jitsu offers for people of any background. And it shows the bond that is created between people who train together.

Watch the roll and next time you put off training, question your excuse.

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