Cavaca moves to Florida and gets ready for MMA debut

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Cavaca sinks a footlock in photo byGustavo Aragão

Jiu-Jitsu super-heavyweight world champion Rodrigo Cavaca is getting ready for a new endeavor. Besides making a definitive move to Florida, the black belt is getting ready for his MMA debut.

“I’m moving to Jupter, Florida, where I’ve had an affiliate academy for the last four years. I have two big academies over there; our team is called The Armory. Some more news is that I’m going to start training for MMA and should be ready for my debut soon!” says Cavaca, who is taking some of his top students with him.

“Two of my best students are coming with: Marcus Bochecha (Pan champion at weight and absolute, Brazilian absolute champion and 2010 world absolute champion at brown belt, now a black belt) and Thiago Baiano, another who was recently promoted to black belt (No-Gi world champion at weight and open weight in 2009). There we’re going to train with big names like Raphael Chaves, Eduardo Guedes and Edson Junior, who was recently signed by the UFC. All of them are under the command of Joe Mullings, the team owner.”

The CheckMat representative is excited, especially because he is well on his way to recovering from a recent injury.

“I’m recovering from surgery on my anterior cruciate ligament on my left knee last month. I’m having a better-than-average recovery, thanks to my doctor, Dr. Caio D’Elia, and my physiotherapist, Bruno Brito. I’ll return to training three months from now and early next year I’ll be ready to return to competition,” he says in closing.

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