Bruno Bastos, a veteran heading full steam into the European Open

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Bruno in photo by Gustavo Aragão.

A veteran among the young up-and-coming black belts, Bruno Bastos never rests. In Dallas, Texas, the fighter has already gotten started preparing for the European Open, to take place January 27 in Lisbon, Portugal. Check out his conversation with

How are preparations for Lisbon going, you going to compete in the adult division?

I’ll compete at the European as an adult. I only compete at master at the Rio International, and I’ll compete at the European at weight and open weight. I took a bit of rest after the No-Gi Worlds and my batteries are now charged! I’m focusing a lot on physical conditioning, as 2011 will be a busy year.

At what other tournaments do you plan to compete?

There’s the European Open, then the World Pro tryouts. After that comes the Pan, World Pro, Worlds, and so on… I also want to be at the ADCC, so there’s the qualifiers for that, too. That’s why I practice both Gi and No-Gi Jiu-Jitsu. Claudia Gadelha and Daniel “Jacaré” are here with me, so they help teach class so I can train.

What’s your assessment of the past season?

I competed at a lot of tourneys in 2010 and only didn’t win a medal at the Pan, although I did have a good showing. I managed gold at most of the competitions, so I feel it was a good year.

Bruno in the match that earned him a trip to the Euro Open. Photo: Publicity.

How do you feel these days, now you’re a veteran on the mat?

I’m a veteran not just in Jiu-Jitsu but in age as well! There’s the new crew coming in, but I still feel I’m competing on even terms. Win or lose, they’re all hard-fought matches. I was never considered “the man,” but I’ve always been in the mix. No one can count me out, because I always have those cards up my sleeve! An experienced fighter has his tricks, and if they fall for them, they lose!

How about life in the USA, have you adapted?

This was officially my first year and I’m really happy. Early on it was a bit rough on my family, but we’re all adapted now. It was really great in terms of some personal things. I’d never had a car or a house to myself before, for example. I’m also in a position to provide some people with opportunity, as they come here to train and compete. Next year we’ll put together a major training camp in the lead-up to the Worlds, so that will be really cool. I’m really thankful to André Pederneiras, Wendell Alexander, and Luisinho, who gave me opportunities when I didn’t have money to train. I’m here today thanks to them too. And, of course, I’m grateful for the opportunity they gave me here at Octagon MMA.

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