Brazilian Nationals: Leandro Lo beats Erberth twice; Tayane wins double gold too

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The heat was on between Lo and Erberth. Flashsport.

Barueri Gymnasium in Sao Paulo was packed all of last week for the 21st Brazilian National Jiu-Jitsu Championship. A total 5,750 athletes kept the 12 mats very busy. Sunday the 30th saw the black-belt adult finals. Leandro Lo and Tayane Porfírio confirmed their favoritism and each won double gold.

Last year’s absolute champion Erberth Santos defended his title against Lo, and also met him in the super-heavyweight final. In the super-heavyweight final, Erberth started out with plenty of pressure and won an advantage from a guard pass attempt. Lo stayed calm, and swept and passed towards the end, winning 5-0. After every other men’s final had played out, the pair returned to the arena for the absolute final. The loud crowd had clearly not had enough of the two.

It started with a fantastic takedown by Lo, granting him a two-point lead. His supporters were still busy cheering when Erberth neatly swept from the closed guard. They resumed the action standing, and, with two minutes to go, Lo charged Erberth while Erberth was jumping to pull guard. The ref didn’t immediately acknowledged it, but then a side referee signaled the takedown, and Lo was again leading by two.

Erberth complained, threatening not to return to finish the match, and was therefore punished. The fight that eventually went on had now become a different beast, with both fighters talking and being punished. At the end the score read 6-4 — Lo was the absolute champion, applauded by the crowd and even by his rival. For this BJJ season, now Lo has double gold in the Pan, Euro and Brazilian Nationals, as well as every intention to extend the streak in June.

Men’s results
Ultra-heavy: Victor Honório (GFTeam) def. Igor “Tigrão” (Ns Brotherhood)
Heavy: Dimitrius Souza def. Guilherme Augusto
Medium-heavy: Patrick Gaudio (GFTeam) def. Renato Cardoso (Alliance)
Middle: Jaime Canuto (GFTeam) def. Otávio Sousa (Gracie Barra)
Light: Michael Langhi (Alliance) def. Gabriel Rollo (Checkmat)
Feather: Rubens “Cobrinha” (Alliance) def. Rafael Mansur (Cicero Costha)
Light-feather: José Thiago (Cícero Costha) def. Cleber Fernandes (Almeida JJ)
Rooster: Aniel Candido def. Rodinei Junior

Tayane left no room for upsets. Flashsport.


Alliance’s Tayane Porfírio won the first half of her double gold by defeating Luzia Fernandes (Gracie Barra) in the ultra-heavyweight final via americana from the mount. Then, in the open division, she collided with Bia Mesquita, who had won the lightweight final over Bia Basílio. Tayane put the pressure on and passed Mesquita’s guard to score three points. Tayane kept on pressing, and Mesquita’s resistance until the end only sufficed to leave the score unchanged.

Women’s results
Super-heavy: Talita Treta (Ns Brotherhood) def. Samela Lopes (Ribeiro JJ)
Heavy: Claudia do Val (De La Riva) def. Nathiely de Jesus (Cicero Costha)
Medium-heavy: Carina Santi (G13) won by default
Middle: Nívia Moura (Ribeiro JJ) def. Barbara Gomes (UCB)
Light: Beatriz Mesquita (Gracie Humaitá) def. Bianca Basílio (Almeida JJ)
Feather: Andressa Souza (Barbosa JJ) def. Alliny Santos (Nova União)
Light-feather: Thamires (GFTeam) Aquino def. Vanderlucia Lima (Boca Team)

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