Try this papaya juice recipe for better digestion and more fat-burning power

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Detox Juice: bowel cleanse

Detox juice: bowel cleanse

Do you know the importance of having a healthy gastrointestinal balance? It will ensure a great immune system, balanced hormone production, vitamin and mineral absorption, and recovery from workouts.

See how this tropical cleansing juice recipe created by a Brazilian nutritionist, Andrea Lane, helps to regulate and cleanse your body. Papaya juice helps in digestion and improves bowel function.

You can get many benefits drinking this simple papaya juice. It not only helps clean the intestines but also has antioxidant and thermogenic, fat-burning ingredients.


1 thick slice of papaya (25 kcal)

1 orange (35 kcal)

3 kale leaves (10 kcal)

1 teaspoon of chia (10 kcal)

1 teaspoon of ginger

1 large glass of water (250 ml)

40 kcal per cup (200ml)

Benefits of the juice:

Papaya: has enzymes that improve digestion, and contains fiber that prevents constipation and improves bowel function.

Kale: rich in insoluble fiber, which increases the speed of intestinal transit. Kale is excellent in the defense of the digestive system and feeds the intestinal flora.

Orange: has a high fiber content that stimulates the movement of the digestive system, making it stronger and better-functioning.

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