Alliance Miami Jiu-Jitsu Team Competing in Three Places at Once?

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Alliance Miami Kids and 2013 IBJJF Pan Kids

On the weekend of Feb. 9-10, GMA Alliance Miami had competitors and lots of success in three different tournaments all happening around the same time. The team competed at the WPJJC Trials in both Miami and Montreal, as well as the IBJJF Kids Pan American Championship.

At the Pan Kids, Alliance Miami’s Alex “Raffa” Couto and Luis “Macaco” Sosa both won their second gold medal as champion for the second year in a row. It was exciting to see two new faces on the top of the medal podium as well– Matthew Arias and Efrain Lezcano, both competing at the Pan Kids for the first time. Jan Paul Piniero took third in his division with a strong showing, solidifying the Alliance Miami Kids team as one of the best in the country.

In Miami, the team had stellar performances all around in the Abu Dhabi World Pro Trial. Eddie Dahbura, Manuel “Sonic” Losada and Kristy Price all took first in their weight classes. Sonic placed third in his open weight and despite being 135 pounds he submitted much bigger opponents but eventually lost to Dante Leon.

The Alliance Miami black belt and head BJJ coach, Javill Byron, jokingly said, “I had text messages and phone calls from three different time zones while trying to coach in another. I always travel with the youngest group so I was in California overseeing that tournament, but thanks to technology like Skype and FaceTime I was able to coach in three places at once.”

In Montreal at the WPJJC trials, the silent assassin Tammi Musumeci conquered. Coming off of her purple belt world title last year, she entered this tournament with one thing in mind: winning the trip to Abu Dhabi. Tammi won her weight division and then went on to win the open weight division to qualify for the Abu Dhabi trip. She is the first Abu Dhabi qualifier for team Alliance Miami. Congratulations Tammi Musumeci and GMA Alliance Miami!

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