After 18 years without fighting, Carlson Gracie Jr. wants a win at the World Master in honor of his dad

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Carlson Gracie Jr. (Photo Facebook)

At 47 years old, it’s been 18 since Carlson Gracie Jr. last competed. His return to the mats has a special reason behind it: honoring his late dad, the beloved Master Carlson Gracie, one of the most important figures in all of BJJ history. And, to honor him, Carlson is entering himself and his team in the World Master Championship, which takes place Aug. 25 through 27 in Las Vegas, Nevada, focused on that which his father left as his greatest legacy to his students: victory.

“I haven’t fought in 18 years, and this homage to my dad was one thing that motivated everybody,” said the black-belt. “We’re going into the competition to win, but the most beautiful thing of all has been this reunion of the guys from the old days to compete in this championship in honor of my dad. I believe the greatest legacy left by my dad was this competitive spirit. He always fought to win and he passed along that spirit to his students. I believe the team is going in with that mindset. Everybody is looking to be number 1 to give this win to him.” Carlson Jr. is enrolled in the medium-heavyweight division of the master-4 age group.

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