Absolute champion teaches head/arm choke she used at No-Gi Worlds

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Kim Bowser’s haul from the 2019 No-Gi Worlds.

At the 2019 IBJJF No-Gi Worlds, Kim Bowser was unstoppable in the master 2 group. This first-year brown-belt — who also took gold at the Pan last March — not only beat the heavyweight field, but also won three matches in the absolute division to claim her second gold medal of that mid-December weekend.

The first of those three matches had her facing Maria Emma Martinez of GF Team. Kim used a head/arm choke to win. Below, you can see the video where she explains how to set up and finish this choke from side control, passing the guard or half-guard when your opponent faces you.

Kim is an instructor at EDJ Team in Corona, Calif. and fiancée of Juan Pablo Garcia, head instructor. The two will be teaching — alongside a team of instructors — at an elevation training camp in Lake Arrowhead, Calif. from March 13th through March 15th. Athletes interested in competing at the 2020 Pan (starting on March 18th or 19th in Irvine) will definitely want to check out this site.

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