60 awesome pictures to relive the incredible thrills of the 2014 Jiu-Jitsu season (Part 2)

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4_GB72_StampSiteIn the second part of the photo gallery, we focus on the most important event of the season. The World championship gathered the Jiu-Jitsu community for its 20th edition overall and 8th edition in the USA. The most talented fighters in the world came together to display their awesome technique, endless will to win and untamable passion for the gentle art.

As usual, the best newsteam in the Jiu-Jitsu media was there to cover all the action and brought our readers to the middle of the action. Photographers Dan Rod, Ivan Trindade and Erin Herle captured thrilling images from which we selected the 28 best.

1 – During the Worlds, Photographer Ivan Trindade captured this incredible detail of a competitor that lost his contacts, found it and put back in his eyeIMG_0983

2 – Blue Belt Luciano Mariano was the living (and grappling) proof during the Worlds that when you want it, nothing can stop youIMG_0502

3 – Tim Spriggs did great in his last Worlds as a brown belt and even had time to conduct his fansIMG_4065

4 – Rubens Cobrinha expression and Isaque Paiva’s face translate with perfection the score of their featherweight match at the Worlds_ROD2156

5 – As the image of Leo Nogueira illustrates, understanding defeat is the first step towards victory_ROD2160

6 – Bernardo Faria’s reaction is as powerful as Rodolfo Vieira’s guard passing driveIMG_1118

7 – Braulio Estima used all his focus at the Worlds, when he was after his forth title_ROD3041

8 – Leandro Lo and Keenan Cornelius waged one of the most epic guard battles in the history of the WorldsIMG_3642

9 – The open class quaterfinals between Felipe Pena and Luiz Panza was so close that at the end both fighters had eyes wide open on the scoreboard_ROD2038

10 – The hug between Rodolfo Vieira and Julio Cesar Pereira after the Worlds black belt open class semifinal had the intensity of the work done to get there_ROD2183

11 – One of the most curious moments of the Worlds was when Buchecha looked into the crowd in the middle of the fight with Keenan Cornelius to find who called him a stallerIMG_5119

12 – Bernardo Faria had his best moment ever in his long history of fighting Rodolfo Vieira at the Worlds superheavy finalIMG_1467

13 – Paulo Miyao did all he could to defeat Gui Mendes in the light-featherweight divisionIMG_3087

14 – Gui Mendes survived to impose his experience in the endIMG_3516

15 – The desire to win turned into tears when defeat cameIMG_3772

16 – The podium picture made clear the difference of sensation between first and second_ROD8784

17 – Rafael Mendes had a disappointing 2013 Worlds and came back this year with his war face on to win his fourth title IMG_4373

18 – After the win, the level of celebration gave a measure of how much the victory meantIMG_4771

19 – The smile on Murilo Santana’s face is only one of those split seconds captured by the camera that when frozen for eternity assumed a completely new meaning_ROD4810

20 – Alex Trans passed Buchecha’s guard and for 30s thought he could actually win the ultra-heavyweight finalIMG_1724

22 – Dan Rod’s picture of the crowd reacting to Tammi Musumeci’s injury became a instantaneous classic_ROD5935

23 – Otavio Sousa and Leandro Lo withheld nothing in their middleweight final and Ivan Trindade’s picture was the perfect translation of thatIMG_6043 

24 – GRACIEMAG’s photographers are primarily reporters and that’s why Ivan Trindade captured with exclusivity the personal moment between Professor Cavaca and pupil Buchecha minutes prior to the open class final


25 – Buchecha’s wrestling takedown became the most important two points scored in the entire season for his third open class title, something never done beforeIMG_7610

26 – The three-time absolute world champion is literally a force of nature in BJJ today. Who can stop Buchecha today?


27 – The celebration with the Checkmat crowd even had the traditional champions’ champagne showerIMG_5850

28 – After the win, Buchecha took some time to revere the trophy that only he and Roger Gracie have – three-time open class world championIMG_5872

29 -In the American Nationals,  Andris Brunovskis had the perfect face for someone being disqualified


30 – Keenan Cornelius’ repeated attempts to capture Eduardo Telles’ lapel caused not anger, but laughter in the Brazilian veteranIMG_3156

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