5 Sweeps to Send Opponents Sailing

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Raspagem balão, uma das tradicionais raspagens do Jiu-Jitsu. Foto: Regis Chen.

The overhead sweep, one of Jiu-Jitsu’s most traditional sweeps / Photo by Regis Chen / GRACIEMAG

There’s a simple formula for getting good at sweeping, but it requires repetitions. You’ve got to get good at grip work, have an array of techniques to draw from, and recognize when the time is right to wobble your adversary. That’s why you have to be agile when thinking as well, and you only get that from training and lots of repetitions.

Today GRACIEMAG.com brings you a number of sweeps to help you mistreat passers and send them a-soaring. Once you’re done trying them out, let us know which one you liked best and which one proved most useful to you.

1. Daniel Vianna teaches a backwards sweep with de la Riva guard.

2 . Overhead sweep, by Maurício Fett

3 . Half-guard helicopter sweep, as taught by Carlos Liberi

4 . Send opponents sailing with a hook, by Marcos Schubert

5 . Guilherme Caju shows how to do a twister-sweep

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