5 monsters of jiu-jitsu, 5 unfailing attacks and finishes

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Marcelinho Garcia in action at 2011 Worlds / Photo by John Lamonica

Every now and then, do you catch yourself thinking about that one technique you seem unable to get right, or that part of your game that looks like a dead end? Relax. Our team put together five submissions beyond all reproach, taught by champions of the highest caliber. Let us know which works best for your game, and enjoy your training!

1. Alexandre Ribeiro teaches a choke

2. Marcelo Garcia teaches to warm up and finish in laid-back spar

(Special attention to the armbar at minute 5)

3. Roger Gracie teaches a sweep from closed guard

4. Rubens Cobrinha teaches how to finish at 2008 Pan

5. Vitor Shaolin teaches a sweep from half-guard and pressure on neck to help

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