5 benefits BJJ can offer the elderly

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Instructor Elcirley Silva with his students from Gracie Barra.

BJJ is recommended to athletes of all ages and physical conditions. A practical example of this is teacher Elcirley Silva of Gracie Barra, who has an amputated leg but never considered quitting training, which led him to attain the black belt this year.

One of the students under Elcirley who have gotten the most physical benefit from practicing BJJ is Mr. Gilberto. The white-belt boasts one of the best attendance records at the gym, and his will to learn impresses his teacher.

“Mr. Gilberto is our oldest student,” Elcirley told us. “Yesterday he reached his third degree on the white belt. He’s approaching 70 and practicing the art with more and more will, and gaining flexibility.”

To better illustrate the benefits of training past 60, Elcirley listed some physical and mental advantages provided by BJJ.

1. High-level cardio maintenance, especially by the joints of the arms.

2. Strengthening of all joints of the bone and muscle structure.

3. Higher mental and physical disposition.

4. Sociability that goes beyond conversation, due to the physical contact during training, which makes it ideal for shy people.

5. A boost to self-confidence for men and women of any age.

Do you have a gray-haired classmate at your gym? Then talk about it below.

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