2016 WPJJC: Pena, Porfírio crowned open class champions; other results

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The 2016 WPJJC is in the books after four days of trills at the IPIC Arena, in Abu Dhabi.

Gracie Barra’s Felipe Pena and Alliance’s Tayane Porfírio walked away with the open class belts for the black belt divisions and the big checks.

Pena caught Jose Junior with an armlock to pocket $30,000 and join the rankings of absolute champions in the UAE.

Tayane Porfírio

Tayane Porfírio

Tayane completed her collection from previous years with a shinning brown/black belt open class division title after a 3-0 win over the always tough Bia Mesquita. The points came from a guard pass early in the match.

In the other divisions of the black belt, results were as follows:


62kg – João Miyao alleged an injury to not fight his teammate Hiago George. George took home the gold medal.

69kg: Marcio Andre managed two near guard passes to beat Paulo Miyao and win the division.

77kg: Gabriel Arges swept Roberto Satoshi three times to win 6-4 and become the champion.

85kg: Leandro Lo beat Claudio Calasans Jr. by referees decision after a 2-2 tie.

94kg: Erberth Santos started out fast to pass guard and get to mount and score 7-2 on Felipe Pena.

+94kg: Ricardo Evangelista swept and got to mount to beat Victor Honorio 6-2.


55kg: Mackenzie Dern beat Marina Ribeiro 2-1 on advantages for the title.

62kg: Bia Mesquita caught Bianca Basílio in a kneebar to win.

70kg: Nathiely Jesus caught Priscilla Cerqueira with abow and arrow choke to be the champion.

+70kg: Tayane Porfírio choked Fernanda Mazzelli from mount to win the division.

The final day of the WPJJC also featured three BJJ legends matches.

Marcio Pé de Pano beat Rodrigo Comprido 2-0 with a sweep; Alexandre Soca beat Robinho Moura by one advantage after a 5-5 tie; Vitor Shaolin choked Daniel Moraes from the back.

In the lower belts, open class results were:

Brown Belt

Nicholas Meregali beat Rudson Matheus 4-0 with two sweeps for the open class belt.

Purple Belt

Gustavo Batista caught Pedro Elias with an armlock for the title.

Gabrielle Lima managed an armbar to beat Renata Moreira.

Blue Belt

Luis Carmo finished Bruno Lima with an americana lock from side control.

Katharina Araujo beat Amelia Lui by referees decision after a 0-0 tie.

Catch the full results at uaejjf.org

Relive the thrills on GRACIEMAG’s Instagram account.

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