2016 WPJJC: 92 images that prove how awesome the open class division this Thursday really was

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2016WPJJC - Open Class

Here are 92 images that will help you relive the thrills of the black belt (brown/black for women) open class at the 2016 WPJJC.

You will catch the best moments tnat led our four finalists (Felipe Pena, Jose Junior, Tayane Porfirio and Bia Mesquita) to earn their spots in the gold medal deciders.

You will also see amazing images of top notch black belts like Leandro Lo, Claudio Calasans Jr, Andre Galvão, Erberth Santos, Roberto Cyborg, Luiza Monteiro, Fernanda Mazzelli, Jessica Trindade, etc.

Just browse and get ready for more action until all champions are crowned this Saturday, April 23.

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