2015 European: blue belt and purple belt champions crowned; the best images of day 2 in Lisbon

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OfferedBy_GamenessusarHere are some of the best images captured by our team on day 2 of the 2015 European championship.

The thursday in Lisbon was devoted to blue belts and purple belt divisions.

The big champions were Julia Maele (Roger Gracie)  and Gustavo Batista (Cicero Costha) in the blue belt open class divisions.

In the purple belt, outscored Fabio Alano ( Alliance) 3-0 on advantages for the gold medal.

In the purple belt open class division, Rudson Telles (Game Fight BJJ) grabbed gold after a unanimous decision by the referees in the final against Phillipe Pomaski.

In the female open class, Tayane Araujo (Alliance) caught Mayssa Bastos (GFT) with a kimura to be the champion.

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