WPJJC Hawaii Trials: Absolute Championship Comments on Win, Teaches Finish

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Hunter Ewald arrocha o triangulo em foto de Mike Calimbas

A young purple belt with a slick triangle, Hunter Ewald was victorious alongside his father, Bruno, at the Abu Dhabis tryouts. (Photo by Mike Calimba)

Last weekend in Honolulu, Hawaii, another leg of the Abu Dhabi WPJJC Trials went down, and the winner was a veteran surfer who put on a show.

McKinley High School gymnasium hosted over a hundred competitors, all eyeing all-expenses-paid trips to compete in the United Arab Emirates at the main event in April. The standout in the brown/black belt division was Professor Bruno Ewald (Longman Jiu-Jitsu), who won the over-92kg division and the absolute. Bruno also got to see his son, the young purple belt Hunter Ewald, win the under-80 kg division.

After winning two gold medals, Bruno, who is the son of Brazilian economist Luis Carlos Ewald, commented on his hopes in Abu Dhabi.

“I know the main tournament is going to be tougher, but I’m going to show up in my best shape to take on the new generation. I really liked competing at the trials. What motivated me most for this championship was the chance to set an example for my son and students, and to show Jiu-Jitsu’s true essence, using technique against force to test myself in the adult division,” said the 40-year-old Royler Gracie black belt in closing.

Check out the champion teaching two armbar finishes in Hawaii.


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