Worlds roosterweight: Caio Terra grabs spot in final vs. Malfacine

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Malfacine celebrates. Photo: GRACIMAG.


Caio Terra and Bruno Malfacine will be composing another World Championship final at roosterweight. But it wasn’t always sure they would, as Ivaniel Oliveira came in hot and swept Caio, who managed to take his foe’s back only at the last minute of their semifinal. “I thought I had swept before, I couldn’t believe I was losing. It was a rollercoaster ride, but now I’m gonna win,” he said.
Bruno is in his fifth consecutive Worlds final. This i show they got there:
Bruno Malfacine defeated Raul Marcello via leg lock

Felipe Costa defeated Igor Santos via calf lock

Ivaniel Cavalcanti defeated Koji Shibamoto from the back

Caio Terra defeated Fabbio Passos by advs.



Bruno Malfacine defeated Felipe Costa via triangle from side-control
Caio Terra defeated Ivaniel Cavalcanti 4-2

FINAL: Bruno Malfacine vs Caio Terra

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