Worlds No-Gi: possible match-ups and our bold picks for the black belt division

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The brackets of the 2014 World Jiu-Jitsu No-Gi championship are out and now you can have an idea of which thrilling matches are coming your way.

Just for fun, here are some possible outcomes for each division of the adult black belt division.

As usual, all we intend here is to stir the debate. Here we go.




Caio Terra is going for his seventh gold medal in eight editions and it does not seem likely that he will be stopped.

Final: Caio Terra vs. David Zennario

Champion: Caio Terra

No-Gi Pans Black Belts-22


Last year’s champion Laercio Fernandes is not on the bracket, but João Miyao, Fabio Passos and João Pedro Somália are in. The semifinals will most likely be Miyao vs. Passos and Somália vs. Mark Ramos or Thomas Lisboa.

Final: João Miyao vs. João Pedro Somália

Champion: João Miyao

No-Gi Pans Black Belts-42


Four names stand out from the crowd here. Osvaldo Moizinho, Gianni Grippo, Samir Chantre and Carlos Vieira Holanda are the most likely semifinalists. What will happen from that point on, it’s tough to say.

Final: Gianni Grippo vs. Samir Chantre

Champion:  Samir Chantre

No-Gi Pans Black Belts-72


AJ Agazarm and Garry Tonon on one side, Vitor Paschoal and Rodrigo Freitas on the other side are the most well known names. Freitas came out on top at the Pan No-Gi, last weekend in NYC, and could might as well do it again in Azusa.

Final: Garry Tonon vs.  Rodrigo Freitas

Champion: Rodrigo Freitas



This should be one of the most exciting division of all. Former UFC lightweight champion Ben Henderson is on the same side of the bracket as last year’s gold medalist JT Torres. But there’s also Marcelo Mafra and Leo Iturralde. On the other side of the bracket, there are names like Francisco Iturralde and 2012’s champion DJ Jackson.

Final: JT Torres vs. DJ Jackson

Champion: JT Torres



Keenan Cornelius leads the pack here, with a few great names to follow. Last year’s open class champion Murilo Santana is on Keenan’s side of the bracket, as are Inacio Neto, Tanner Rice and Ricardo Rezende. On the other side, Eduardo Telles wants to repeat last year’s performance, when he got all the way to the gold medal.

Final: Keenan Cornelius vs. Eduardo Telles

Champion: Keenan Cornelius

No-Gi Pans Black Belts-47


Another division too tough to call (but we’re gonna call it anyway). Lucas leite, Roberto Alencar and Tim Spriggs are on one side of the bracket while Lucas Rocha and Jackson Sousa are on the other side. However it goes, it’s gonna be awesome.

Final: Tim Spriggs vs. Jackson Sousa

Champion: Jackson Sousa



This one should be amazing. Semifinalists will most likely be João Assis and Bernardo Faria on one side and James Puopollo and Luiz Panza on the other. Any of the four beasts have the tools to be the champion.

Final: João Assis vs. Luiz Panza

Champion: João Assis



Among the big guys, Tom DeBlass, Rodrigo Comprido, Yuri Simões and Abraham Marte are the standouts.

Final Rodrigo Comprido vs. Yuri Simões

Champion: Yuri Simões

Open class

If all favorites decide to join it’s gonna be epic.

“Out of nowhere” final pick: João Assis vs. Keenan Cornelius

“Out of nowhere” champion pick: João Assis



With only two athletes registered, it’s easy to pick the final match.

Final: Mackenzie Dern vs. Karen Souza

Champion: Mackenzie Dern


Sofia Drysdale is alone in the division.

No-Gi Pans Black Belts-63


Luiza Monteiro wants to repeat last week’s performance at the Pan No-Gi.

Final: Luiza Monteiro vs. Nyjah Easton

Champion: Luiza Monteiro


Sijara Eubanks debuts in the black belt division against a tough Andressa Correa.

Final Sijara Eubanks vs. Andressa Correa

Champion: Andressa Correa


Gabi Garcia is alone in the division.


Open class

Gabi Garcia won’t miss her opportunity to fight in the open, once she has no opponent in her own division.

Final: Gabi Garcia vs. Luiza Monteiro

Champion: Gabi Garcia

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