2014 Worlds No-Gi: feast your eyes with 40 great images of 2012-2013 and register now

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4_GB72_StampSiteFirst of all, you have only until September 26 to register for the 2014 World Jiu-Jitsu No-Gi Championship.

Don’t miss out and do it now at ibjjf.com.

Second of all, here are 40 of the best images captured by our photographers in the last two edition (2012, 2013).

Roll the page down and relive the thrills of the most important no-gi event in the calendar.

Our treat.

1 – In 2012, on his way to the gold medal, Augusto Tanquinho passed Leandro Lo’s guard to win the lightweight semifinal. lo’s reaction measures how hard a match it was.


2 – Also in 2012, Beatriz Mesquita and Thaysa Silva waged an all out war for the lightweight gold medal, eventually won by Bia_MG_0894

3 – Another fortunate moment for our photographers was the capturing of Romulo Barral’s look after losing to Pablo Popovitch in 2012 beacause of a last-moment guard pass


4 – DJ Jackson used a lot of his wrestling background to win his first world title in 2012, when he defeated Clark Gracie in the middleweight final


5 – In the most controversial match of the 2012 Worlds, JT Torres and Augusto Tanquinho gave all they had for the lightweight title06_1

6 – This unusual choke by Tanquinho earned him an advantage that tied the score in the end


7 – Both fighters thought they had the win at the end, but Tanquinho ended up with the gold medal06

8 – The 2012 featherweight final put Cobrinha against Justin Rader and the Alliance veteran imposed his game for the win


9 – The adult open class final put Xande Ribeiro against Leandro Lo and Xande used all his technique and experience to beat the young gun02

10 – In the heavyweight semifinal, Bernardo Faria defended Xande’s armlock efficiently, but could not avoid the defeat


11 – In 2013, the Worlds No-Gi got bigger in size and number of athletes


12 – Victory and defeat are side by side on the mats of the Worlds No-Gi_ROD7689

 13 – Stephen Hall was one of the stars of the masters division in 2013


14 – AJ Agazarm withheld nothing on his quest for the first gold medal in a World championship as a black belt


14 – The effort of the young Gracie Barra black belt was perfectly registered by our lenses


15 – After the tough defeat in 2012, JT Torres changed schools and went right back after his much dreamed first world title as a black belt


16 – Gilbert Burns, now a UFC fighter, took a break in his MMA career to compete in the 2013 Worlds and showed everybody his ground game was up to date


17 – Neiman Gracie and Ricardo Mesquita put on quite a show for the audience in the adult open class in 2013


18 – Neiman Gracie had his best moment with this ankle lock, but eventually lost 2-0


19 – Caio Terra is Mr. Worlds No-Gi, with six gold medals in seven editions since 2007


20 – Rafael Barata Freitas almost had it at the beginning of the light-featherweight final in 2013 against Laercio Fernandes


21 – Laercio Fernandes survived the guillotine and went on to win his first world title as a black belt


22 – Rafael Lovato Jr. bet on registering in the ultra-heavy division in 2013 and won big with a gold medal


23 – Just like his Professor (Lovato), James Puopolo also made to the top of the super-heavy division in 2013


24 – Murilo Santana also made history in 2013 with a spotless performance in the open class that earned him the gold medal


25 – In a true generation clash, Eduardo Telles and Felipe Pena were the protagonists of the most exciting match of the 2013 Worlds No-Gi


26 – Tough as nails, Leandro lo decided to give another go in the open class in 2013 and made it to the final with friend Murilo Santana


27 – Murilo Santana’s performance was a eye opener to the veteran’s true possibilities.


28 – Lo had his sweeps as sharp as usual as he showed against Jackson Sousa


 29 – Telles shocked the Pyramid in 2013 with a last-second back taking that earned him the medium-heavy gold medal


30 – Photographer Ivan Trindade captured the exact moment Telles realised he was now a black belt world champion in the adult division


31 – JT Torres knew he could not let another opportunity escape so he grabbed his first gold medal in a world championship as a black belt with both hands


32 – Justin Rader was another silver medalist from 2012 that went back in 2013 to claim his gold medal and Osvaldo Moizinho paid the price in the featherweight final_ROD6564

33 – James Puopolo did his best to beat Leandro Lo in the open class semifinal in 2013, but the Brazilian kept coming up again_ROD6715

34 – Who said you need to be a wrestler in origin to have some great wrestling moves? Gilbert Durinho is the living proof of that


35 – Sometimes you don’t need to see the fighters face to feel his emotion after a tought match, like Lo’s open class semifinal win over Puopolo


36 – In the master division in 2013, Gustavo Pires had a awe-moment with this flying triangle for the gold medal


37 – UFC veteran Ricardo Almeida made a quick return to grappling competitions in 2013 and displayed the well known excellence to win the Senior 1 medium-heavy division_ROD8783

38 – The picture is not always what it seems. Rafael Barata is not slapping his opponent in the face, but just going for a back of the head grip


39 – Caio Terra will probably go for another gold medal in 2014, which would be his seventh


40 – Talita Nogueira and Andressa Correa in one of those moments when no-gi Jiu-Jitsu resembles wrestling competitionsIMG_7635


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