Worlds: Bernardo Faria, João Gabriel in super-heavyweight final

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João Gabriel takes Léo Leite’s back. Photo: GRACIEMAG.


In a class populated with champions João Gabriel Rocha and Bernardo Faria are the last two standing. Can the guard of the young Soul Fighters athlete surprise the experienced Faria?



Bernardo Faria defeated Lucas Sachs via triangle from mount
Luiz Panza defeated João Assis via knee bar

Rafael Lovato defeatedAntonio Peinado 5-0
João Gabriel Rocha comes from behind to beat Léo Leite in one of the tournament’s best fights by choking from the back after having his guard passed.


Bernardo Faria defeated Luiz Fernando Panza via triangle
João Gabriel defeated Rafael Lovato 10-2

FINAL: Bê Faria vs João Gabriel Rocha

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