What Was the Top Magic Moment of the 2013 European Open?

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Ginásio do Casal Vistoso. Foto: Ivan Trindade/GRACIEMAG

Casal Vistoso Gymnasium (photo by Ivan Trindade/GRACIEMAG)

Whether you were there in Lisbon from Thursday to Sunday or kept up with all the excitement of the European Open here on GRACIEMAG.com, time has come to pick the highlight of the event that kicked off the International Federation season.

Which chapter of the 2013 European Open moved you most?

a) The brown-belt double header between Keenan Cornelius and the Miyao brothers?

b) Bernardo Faria’s win propelling him to number one in the IBJJF ranking?

c) Rômulo Barral’s choke on GB teammate Rodrigo Pimpolho in the medium-heavyweight final?

d) Nicholas Plessy’s determination in tapping out blue belt opponents despite not being able to see?

e) Purple belt Marcio André’s lion heart fighting at the European Open after losing his mother just weeks earlier?

f) João and Paulo Miyao’s frenetic pace at brown belt?

g) The guard pass of Alexander Trans, who overcame Léo Nogueira and Rodrigo Cavaca?

h) Luanna Alzuguir’s clinical positioning in the female absolute?

i) Mackenzie Dern’s black-belt debut?

Or is there some stellar achievement we forgot to mention? Let us know!

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