Want to finish a heavier opponent? Sweep from half-guard and sink the arm-triangle

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Tiago Coelho tenta raspar Tanquinho na meia-guarda. Foto: Gustavo Aragão

Tiago Coelho tries sweeping Tanquinho from half-guard. Photo by Gustavo Aragão.

The half-guard is a weapon oft-used in competition Jiu-Jitsu these days, and it can come in handy for lighter fighters wishing to flip sides with heavier and stronger fighters perched atop them.

In today’s video, GRACIEMAG.com features a position by Professor Eduardo Castro showing how to sweep from half-guard and smoothly finish with the arm-triangle.

“When the opponent raises his right knee to start passing, you should begin the sweep. Put the foot that is under the right knee on his left thigh. Use the hook of your left foot as though going for a de la Riva guard sweep and push his left leg with your right leg,” Eduardo explains.

“The opponent will want to get up to not be swept, and it’s at this moment that you switch hooks. The opponent will generally try and go for the arm. Grab his arm, put his elbow on the ground and remove your head. Grab behind his neck to trap him, kick his leg back and turn the body, sinking the hold,” he teaches.

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