Video: Watch Calasans vs. Marte in Asian Open black belt absolute go the distance

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Claudio Calasans of Atos Jiu-Jitsu and Abraham Marte of Yamasaki Academy International met in the final of the black belt adult absolute division at the 2014 IBJJF Asian Open Championship. Both attempted foot sweeps and guard pulls into sweeps multiple times but one or the other would stand up before a sweep could be completed. After two minutes Calasans works a guard pass on Marte getting as far as half guard while Marte works to secure his bottom position in deep half.

After nearly seven minutes Calasans frees his leg from Marte’s and although Marte attempts a reversal, Calasans secure the pass points. After a minute Marte turtles to recover his guard and Calasans sits in double guard position to work a leg drag. As he comes up, Marte jumps up with Calasans leg in his hand to earn a sweep. Calasans tries an immediate sweep to counter but Marte stands, then pulls guard then comes up. As Marte tries to get to Calasans back, he ends up bottom as Calasans earns sweep points.

They stand and Marte pulls guard and sweeps to earn two more points but wasn’t able to catch up to Calasans’ total giving the win to Calasans.

Watch the full match here:

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