Video: Paulo Peposo teaches a tactical immobilization to cops in Minas Gerais

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Peposo teaching the immobilization from the back. 

Did you know the police force from the state of Minas Gerais was among the first ever to learn BJJ from a Gracie master (the patriarch Carlos himself)? It’s fair to say the method is successful, because it’s still going to this day, and presently the most popular instructor around those parts is Paulo “Peposo” Curi, a black-belt specializing in self-defense.

In the following video, the leader of Peposo Team, located in Belo Horizonte, draws attention to the right dose of pressure when the time comes to control this common real-life scenario and contain a criminal. Watch closely and follow @tacticalimmobilization for more content like this.

Transcript: “My partner is talking to the suspect. On his signal, I approach from the back. Please be aware [0:30] that there could be a problem here of applying too much pressure and causing the person to die. In a fight, he’ll tap and I’ll let go. But in the street I won’t let go. I’ll apply pressure here, make him turn blue, and I’ll loosen it so I can keep up the pressure. I sit him down. My left hand goes on his wrist, my right hand on his chin, my knee goes on his back. I’ll turn… and handcuffing position [1:05].

“When the person is very tall, I’ll step on them to lower them and proceed. Or I’ll go on their lumbar region. Someone who has done their training doesn’t need to worry — going here or here will come naturally.”

Peposo Team
Rua Florália, 223
Anchieta, Belo Horizonte
# (55 31) 9975-3777

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