Video: Matheus Menezes teaches a sweep from the one-leg X

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Matheus is a sitting world champion. 

Always on the lookout for the most modern techniques in BJJ, Graciemag this time sought help from the Brazilian state of Espírito Santo, with our friends over at Wilson Ulhoa’s DOMO Sport Training Center.

For today’s lesson we recruited Matheus “Teteu” Menezes, who became a blue belt world champion at the 2019 Worlds. Now a purple-belt, he demonstrated the move that got him there. He enters the one-leg guard, uses the hook of the X guard, and then comes up and takes down his opponent, winning two points.

Transcript: “I’ll do the traditional grip and pull to the one-leg X guard. I’ve pulled my opponent; he’ll start kneeling to try to defend the position. I’ll change to the throw-it-in-the-trash [0:39]. I’ve made the grip on the sleeve here to have the control, and I’ll get into the X position. I’m trying to throw him. He’ll fight it. I use force toward the ground, bringing his leg with me. And from here, I can already get started on the guard pass.”

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