Video: Leandro Lo teaches his classic sweep

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Lo uses his usual sweep on Michael Langhi. Ivan Trindade/GRACIEMAG

In 2014, GRACIEMAG got to closely follow the training of Leandro Lo, Felipe Preguiça and Rodolfo Vieira on Governador Island, Rio de Janeiro. In one of these exclusive sessions, Leandro got right down to business, teaching one of his favorite sweeps starting from the spider guard.

He showed the details of the unbalancing applied with the guard in order to make his opponent’s feet parallel — the right position for sweeping by holding the feet. As soon as he comes up, Leandro is careful about getting dealt a foot lock; he fans out and reaches the side.

Though the audio is very rough, here’s our attempt at a translated transcript:

“I get the hook and bring him to me. Once I’ve held his pants, I’ll put my foot on the ground. Why? To bring him either up, here, or to the side — doesn’t matter. I’ve brought him. I lock this in place [0:27]. Now my hand comes down. Having reached this position, we get up…”

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