UFC Video: Glover Teixeira takes stance on U.S. gun control

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In the video above, UFC light heavyweight Glover Teixeira takes a stance on gun control in the United States. His niece, 7, attended Sandy Hook Elementary School on Dec. 14, 2012, the day a gunman entered the school and murdered 22 people, several of whom were children. Teixeira’s niece survived the horrible incident, and he recorded this message with a clear stance on where he thinks assault weapons belong in American society.

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  1. Derick Mendoza at 6:44 pm

    ok that's all fine and dandy but think about this, drugs are illegal and police can't keep that out of the hands of criminals and gangs even out of schools so how do they plan on keeping "assault" rifles away from gangs and criminals? what needs to happen is people need to be more familiar with weapons and how to protect and defend yourself with weapons. instead of banning weapons embrace knowledge and defense.

  2. Brian Oravetz at 7:17 pm

    Glad he made that clear. I'll clearly not support him in any way. He's completely ignorant. In every case, where "gun control" is tried, criminals have their way and commit their crimes freely. They do not obey gun laws, and strict gun control leaves law abiding citizens free to the criminals whims. He's ignorant on the realities of gun control and on guns in general. Weapons, including the "evil" "assualt weapons" are used FAR more every year in the commission of acts of self defense than they are crime. This man who talks about "responsibility" is making the case actually make millions of people (that IS how many do NOT become victims because they legally own firearms) into victims. I'm glad he's shown himself to be a person who's not worth regarding because of his very ignorant views. I say that because he's calling for the removal of my ability to protect my family with the best tools possible. In fact, that makes him a disgusting individual to me.

  3. Jennifer Jeffrey Carello at 1:40 am

    I know Glover personally and he is an amazing, amazing person. I am so happy he said this and took a stand. He is a real, humble, honest, gentle, genuine person. I wish everyone could meet him. And in this video he speaks truth. We must begin somewhere. Let us begin now.

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