Toukon Challenge 1: Submissions, live stream and high-level grapplers at first event

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In London at the Clapham Grand, the first edition of the Toukon Challenge, an invitation-only event, took place on Sunday, Nov. 23.

The card featured some of the best grapplers from all over Europe. The show presented matches of different calibers in the following categories:

Prelims – 4 fights of 5 minutes under the IBJJF rules.
Brown Belt Middle Weight Tournament – This is an eight man tournament. Brown belt and black belt fights will be six minutes.
Brown Belt Middle Weight Challenge – One six minute match between two brown belts.
Black Belt Team Challenge – Two teams, each with five black belts will fight each other to decide who is the best. The first team to get three wins, will be victorious and will be taking The Toukon Team belt home with them. Black belt and brown belt fights will be six minutes.
Sub Only – Six match-ups. The fights will be twenty minutes in length and will not be scored. The only way to win is by submission, forcing the athletes to constantly be attacking and looking for a way to finish the fight.
Co Main Event – An absolute superfight between two athletes. Fights will be 20 minutes submission only.
Main Event – A superfight will be 10 min minutes.

Some of the athletes who were involved include Lucio Lagarto, Luca Anacoreta, Eduardo Teto Rios, Max Campos, Thomas Oyarzun, Roger Dardis, Sebastion Brosche, Luke Costelo, Raphael Dos Santos, Viking Wong, Alex Cabanes, Darragh O’Conaill and more.

What makes this event unique is the opportunity for the athletes to earn money. As they promote their own showing in the event, they earn a portion of the pay-per-view and spectator earnings. When one goes onto the site to watch, they must choose an athlete in the drop-down list.

The next event will be on March 15 in London once again with some new categories: a female team challenge, a brown belt lightweight grand prix and a classic fight to name a few.

You can see full results here:


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