The study of the mount goes on at Renzo Gracie Online Academy

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This week, Renzo Gracie Online Academy (RGOA) goes on in search of the perfect mount. Renzo Gracie and Paulo Guillobel demonstrate infallible techniques to enable you to have full control over your opponent once you reach that position. You will become able to identify the right moment for attacking with inexorable moves like this americana taught by Renzo:

Americana from the mount – Renzo Gracie

Regaining the mount – Paulo Guillobel

You will also be working on more-complex situations and advanced moves, like this guard maintenance dynamic taught by Paulo Guillobel, which you can put into practice when you realize your opponent is about to get away from your control. Check out how Guillobel retreats a bit, progressively repositioning himself until he regains full control.

Lifestyle – Fabio Gugel

Additionally, this week, Renzo Gracie Online Academy brings an exclusive lifestyle lesson by Alliance General Fabio Gurgel. He teaches you how to organize yourself to conquer even your most challenging professional goals.

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