The lessons in sweeping, passing and pressuring from Kron Gracie and Otávio Sousa

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Kron Gracie finaliza Otavio Sousa no armlock. Foto: Ivan Trindade/ GRACIEMAG

Kron Gracie taps Otavio Sousa out via armbar. Photo by Ivan Trindade/ GRACIEMAG.

The two middleweights Kron Gracie and Otávio Sousa were two of the Jiu-Jitsu monsters present on the mat at Metamoris Pro last Sunday in San Diego, California, and the both of them served up plenty of useful lessons for us practitioners.

Check out minute 6:50 of the match, where Kron adjusts his positioning and starts pressuring past guard but Otávio defends the guard and lands a sightly sweep.

At 8:16 minutes you get to learn from the way Kron stylishly sweeps from half-guard.

At minute 16:29, Rickson’s son turns up the pressure, passes guard and taps Otávio out with an armbar that’s already straight out before Kron is even stretched out on the ground.

Watch and learn from the best!

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