The fight gang’s trip around Jordan

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Photos: André Bottino's personal archives

December 8 was an historic day in Amman, Jordan, as the Desert Force Fight Championship debuted there, with members of the royal family princes Hachem Bin Hussein and Hussein Mirza in attendance.

André Bottino, handler of American fighter of Mexican descent Marcos Marquez, was there and wrote in about the experience:

“The event was impeccably organized. Everything was splendid. We were treated like true princes by receptive and happy people. Despite the cultural differences, everything was a lot different from what we imagined, positively,” he says.

Bottino with Bodão and Michelan

“Regarding the fights, a number of them were great, and the event was loaded with finishes. Cristiano Marcelo fought really well, Francimar Bodão landed one of the greatest knockouts I’ve ever seen in my life, and the fight between Bruno Carvalho and Marcos Marquez was the best of the night. Bruno won, but both fighters were given their due props,” he says.

“But the experience went well beyond the fights and the event. Proof of their professionalism, the fighters made the most of the trip to get out and see some of the country together, regardless of whether they fought each other or not. We made friends and had unforgettable moments. Jordan will forever hold a dear place in all our hearts,” said André, who sent in these pictures from the trip in exclusively to

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