10 presents every Jiu-Jitsu player would love to get from Santa

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Christmas is upon us and we thought of preparing a list for those who still haven’t decided what to ask good old Santa (or Father Christimas). Of course, our list is Jiu-Jitsu related, so don’t expect finding an Iphone 6s, a PS4 or that gorgeous Prada handbag. All itens go in the direction of making you a happier Jiu-Jitsu guy or girl.

Here we go!

1. To bring at least one family member or friend to Jiu-Jitsu

The Ruotolo Brothers

The Ruotolo Brothers

Everybody knows that all you need to get hooked for life with the gentle art is to go to your first training session (ok, not really. It can take a while). Anyway, sooner or later, you gonna want to bring someone else in to enjoy the life-changing experience that is BJJ. Let’s ask Santa that in 2016 you succeed in making that great friend, or your significant other, or even your mom stick to the gi.

2. A great training environment


Like any other social environment, a Jiu-Jitsu academy needs to be a positive place for all people that go there to enjoy the experience. Let’s ask Santa that your training place is jerk-free and that your training partners are all nice and welcoming people that help you get better at the art while having an amazing time.

3. A healthy and injury-free 2016


Let’s not even think about the big injuries. Let’s all ask Santa that we can cruise through the next 12 months without that sprained ankle, or the dislocated toe or shoulder, or even that back of the neck pain. Let’s all ask Santa to be lucky enough and safe enough to be able to train all year round without having to go to the doctor.

4. Attend a really awesome seminar

Roger Gracie seminar at Gracie Barra Fullerton

You see them competing and you learn from them on the pages of GRACIEMAG or on our Youtube channel, but to attend a seminar with one of the big stars of the art is a whole different ball game. Let’s ask Santa that you’d be able to attend at least one awesome seminar with Marcus Buchecha, Rubens Cobrinha, the Mendes Bros, Keenan Cornelius, Rodolfo Vieira, Leandro Lo, Bia Mesquita or countless other amazing guys and girls that have a lot to teach you.

5. No close-outs at the finals of the Worlds

Leandro Lo

Leandro Lo

It’s the pinnacle of the competition circuit, so we could only hope that all black belt finals of the 2016 Worlds are for real. No close-outs at all. Let’s all ask Santa that no teammates reach the finals and we could have an epic day on June 5.

6. A nice submission on a higher-ranked opponent


Ok, let’s ask this one in a lower voice. Who can say it wouldn’t feel good to get that tap from a guy with a higher rank? Let’s ask Santa to give us at least one of those moments when technique and opportunity meet to make you a very happy guy or girl.

7. That awesome combo from GRACIEMAGSHOP.com


Time to go shopping! A new year is coming so why not start the new cycle with a brand new outfit? The gi is probably the piece of clothing you wear the most in your daily life (or at least it’s in the top 3), so it is fair to invest in the nicest gi you can find. As a matter of fact, GRACIEMAG has some sick offers for you. Just go to GRACIEMAGSHOP.com and find out what we have prepared for you!

8. That next belt or degree

ANDRE Galvão, Keenan, graduation, tom callos, black belt

Galvão wraps the black belt around Keenan’s waist

We say we are in it for the fun and it’s true, but a new color or at least a new degree to the good old belt makes everyone happy. Let’s work hard, let’s not miss class and let’s all ask Santa that our Professors see how amazing our progress has been and call on us at the end of the class.

9. A gold medal (or any medal) 


There’s a saying you hear all the time which states that in Jiu-Jitsu you either win or learn. Learning with a defeat is important, but we all want to win! Let’s ask Santa to have at least one of those moments when we are the best of them all. A gold medal is a great thing to win and to cherish. Of course, working hard is essential, so let’s hit the mats.

10. To be featured on GRACIEMAG

GRACIEMAG Offers for the 2012 Cyber Week

It’s a strange but very fulfilling feeling to see your picture or your name published. It’s a great recognition of all the hard work and dedication. GRACIEMAG works hard everyday to showcase the best of the gentle art. Do great things and you should be there anytime soon. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Twitter and to like our page on Facebook.

Merry Christimas and a happy new year!

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