That strange day that never comes

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Master of the chronicle Luis Fernando Verissimo would refer to “that strange day that never comes” when speaking of politics, illusions, and hopelessness.

It was that day, the one that never comes, when the country would change, when the politicians would improve the distribution of wealth, etc., etc.

But each individual has on his own personal calendar that strange day that never comes. The day when you lose weight and get a fit body, the day you ask out that pretty girl from the second floor, the day you switch jobs, etc., etc.

And why doesn’t it ever come? Well, one of the reasons is that we’re always busy with other things, Martin Rooney often reminds us, in his GRACIEMAG columns.

A Gracie Barra black belt and teacher living in Teresópolis, Brazil, Adilson “Bita” once told GRACIEMAG what Jiu-Jitsu taught him: “I learned the importance of not missing an opportunity, as it never surfaces again in a fight, not in the gi and especially not in MMA.”

If you’re kind of down, only think of the bills to pay and feel something is missing in your routine, drop by a gym and have a talk with friendly practitioners.

After a while, you will understand that Jiu-Jitsu alone with not make your life complete, but it will certainly help you get there. With a strong mind, persistence, and in excellent physical form. Try it out!

Check out what Flavio Cachorrinho has to say about the benefits of Jiu-Jitsu:

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