Steven Seagal: “Not even Anderson is unbeatable”

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Riding the wake of the front kick of the year, Playboy magazine in Brazil drummed up the article “Who can beat Anderson Silva,” and interviewed actor doubling as MMA coach Steven Seagal.

“There’s no one better than Anderson Silva in the UFC,” said the actor, selling refrigerators to eskimos in the March issue of Brazilian Playboy. “He can beat anyone in his division. But of course, no one is unbeatable.”

The kick the Spider used against Vitor Belfort in his last fight was the talking point of the interview, and according to Seagal he’s used it in fights on numerous occasions: “My opponents never got up.”

Now Vitor Belfort, who discovered the power of Silva’s kick in the worst way possible, told the magazine he still harbors hopes of being champion again. “I want to fight once or twice and then go for the belt,” said Belfort, in the magazine featuring Michelly from the Big Brother Brazil 11 reality show on the cover.

And the soap opera of who Anderson’s next opponent will be continues. In a recent interview. GSP stated that fighting Silva is not his number-one priority.

“I’m not afraid of anyone in the world. If it happens, it will be at the right time, as I believe he weighs about 18 kilos (40 lbs) more than me, and in three months I won’t be able to gain that and go and fight. To move up a division I’d have to talk to my sponsors and trainers. It would be a total change in my life. Would I want to take the risk? Maybe. Would it be a cool challenge? Maybe, maybe not. But first I have to face Jake Shields. And I feel Anderson should face Yushin Okami,” said GSP, the welterweight champion featured on the cover of the last issue of GRACIEMAG.

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