Spider-Guard Sweep with Gogoplata Finish

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Gogoplata, uma das finalizações marcantes do Jiu-Jitsu. Foto: John Lamônica

Fabio Leopoldo tries a gogoplata on Roberto Godói in California. Photo by John Lamonica/GRACIEMAG.

The GRACIEMAG.com team is an ardent backer of classic Jiu-Jitsu. But it never turns a blind eye to novel ways of doing things.

So today we unearthed the following video of a spider-guard sweep for you—with some extra seasoning: a gogoplata finish.

The one teaching is Eduardo Castro, an instructor for Barbosa team.

First off, the opponent on top shouldn’t block the spider-guard game. How might he do that? One of the most usual ways is to grab you at your knees.

To avoid him doing so, put a foot on the opponent’s hip and turn out the leg he is grabbing, which will help break his grip on your pants (see second 38 of the video).

Now what you need to do is not let him break the grip you have on his sleeve. How? As the teacher demonstrates, one way is to put the back of your hand flush up against your thigh (second 52).

With your shin up against the opponent’s right arm, slide your leg through until your knee is behind his triceps, and go for the omoplata (minute 1:25).

Maintaining your grip and applying pressure with your chin, sweep and finish.

At minute 1:55, Eduardo demonstrates a variation on the submission. If you lose or choose to release your grip, all you’ve got to do is go for the armbar. Grab the arm, swivel your hip and finish with the armbar. Important detail: to properly adjust the armbar, grab hold of the opponent’s hand, which will prevent him from turning his body and arm to defend.

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