Spend late August in paradise at Bráulio Estima training camp

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How’s about a week just off the famous coast of Normandy, France, brushing up your Jiu-Jitsu with a three-time world champ?

That’s what our GMA Bráulio “Carcará” Estima is proposing as a way for you to spend the end of the month of August and beginning of September.

There will be four hours of daily training with the Gracie Barra professor on the Channel islands, in between the coasts of England and France, with extra activities that include surfing, yoga, physical conditioning, kayaking, rowing, loafing on the beach…

All that for a reasonable rate, and Victor Estima and physical conditioning coach Jamie Harper will be participating to boot.

Holidays don’t have to equate to laziness, so secure your spot. For further information, shoot an email to brauliobjj@hotmail.com.

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