Shogun vs. Jones: “I’m ready for war!”

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Shogun trains with Tuba on's visit to TUF gym. Photo: Carlos Ozório.

A war is what fans to attend UFC 128 can expect. At the March 19 event in New Jersey, Maurício “Shogun” was set to defend his light heavyweight belt against Rashad Evans, but the challenger ended up pulling out and the Brazilian will now have ahead of him one of the most promising athletes from the new generation.

“Jon Jones has the same characteristics as Rashad. He’s really good at kickboxing and wrestling, so the two pretty much have the same strengths. The only difference is body type, as Jones is much taller. So I’ve had to change some of my sparring partners, come up with some taller fighters,” says the current champion in an interview with Paula Sack on the UFC Brazilian website.

To many Jones’s style is reminiscent of that of the current greatest fighter in the world, Anderson Silva, as Shogun compares and contrasts:

“He started doing Anderson’s style more in his last fight, with muay thai base. But he too is a tall guy with long arms and legs.”

And what should Shogun have to watch out for most?

“I feel it’s his takedowns. He fought some great wrestlers and took them down easily. He has dangerous ground and pound,” says the title holder, prepared for the challenge:

“I’m ready for a war!” he says in closing.

Check out what there is to look forward to in the fight:

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