Seven days in paradise with Cyborg Abreu

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Cyborg in paradise

Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu, our GMA in Florida, was the main standout at September 4’s Honolulu Open in Hawaii. In those parts, the black belt had some of the greatest experiences of his life, as he himself reports in the text that follows:

“It all started with the dream of an uncle of mine named Lauro Schuback Pastor Almeida, a real character, a surfer in love with Hawaii! My uncle always dreamed of living a surfer’s life, and that he did to a tee, just as my life is Jiu-Jitsu.

At Bruno Longman's academy

“My uncle spent a few days in Hawaii and ended up meeting some beasts from Kauai like Bruno Ewald Longman and his students. Among there were several big names of surfing. Through this contact, I called Bruno, a Gracie Humaitá black belt. I shot the breeze with him and set it up to go to the Honolulu Open.

“Once I go there, what a trip! Bruno is some kind of “mayor” of Kauai. Father to Hunter and Reef, two really tough kids, there’s even a day for him on the island. He has really great energy, as does everybody in his academy. In just one week I made friends for life. It felt like I’d known that crew for years.

Tin Tin, Hawaiian monster!

“From the first day on, I was treated like one of them and became part of the group. Bruno introduced me to Tin Tin, a way tough Hawaiian. The guy weighs 135 kg, burly, but his heart’s big as the whole world, really kind.

“Tin Tin took me to get to know the island. Those were for sure some of the best days of my life. I came from the South Matogrosso wetlands. I lived my entire life in nature, but for sure, I left a piece of me on that island, between the turquoise blue ocean, the mountains, pristine paradisiacal beaches, fish of all sizes and colors. I swam with turtles, sharks; I climbed mountains; I swam under waterfalls… What a fantastic place! Hawaii’s nature is magical and breathtaking!

At Honolulu Open with team

“Besides that, I was surprised by the Jiu-Jitsu there. The guy is first-rate, really sharp on the ground. I was happy with the training, one of the factors that led to my taking the championship without a glitch. Not just Bruno, but all the students have really strong Jiu-Jitsu.

“From white to black belt, the guys hold their own. Bruno has been heading this project for twenty years and has a number of good fighters on the island. We went to the event on Saturday, I sported the Longman BJ gi to compete and it was awesome competing alongside the gang from Kauai.

“The event was great, as were the local fighters, who displayed excellent technique. I had a few tough matches, had one at weight and two in the absolute. And the absolute final was really good against Abmar Barbosa, who’s been on a roll in Jiu-Jitsu. I pulled off a good performance.

“Winning weight and open weight in Hawaii was glorious! I made a number of contacts, everyone has really great energy over there and I intend to visit the gang as often as possible. I want to get to know the other islands on the archipelago, too. I’m already looking into my return to do some seminars.

“After the event, I even went around with Matheus Vulkan and Rodrigo Clark to go around Oahu, the Mecca of surfing, where Waimea Bay, Pipeline and Sunset are, as well as to swim with the sharks in the bluest ocean in the world!

“Surely, God made Hawaii on the seventh day! Pythagoras said: ‘It’s by traveling that we find pieces of ourselves around the world.’ Well, I found a piece of myself in that paradise!

“Best wishes to all and aloha!”

Enjoy that? Then do as Cyborg does. Compete at the next Honolulu Open and other IBJJF events around the planet!

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