Royler on his farewell: “I honored what I’ve done my whole life”

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Royler and Ueda at weigh-ins / Publicity photo

Amazonas is one of the states to have produced the most top-flight fighters in Brazil – beasts like José Aldo, Ronaldo Jacaré, Wallid Ismail, Xande and Saulo Ribeiro and so many others. The tradition of the land is Jiu-Jitsu, and there was no lack of it on a gala evening of fighting that included Royler Gracie’s farewell MMA fight.

The Gracie was unable to outdo Masakatsu Ueda in the main event. He lost by split decision, with the Japanese fighter controlling the action. Royler had a good moment in the first round, landing a takedown. But Ueda managed to work his way out and then control the tempo with solid kicks. He deserved to win by unanimous decision but a win is a win.

“I’m so happy to have fought a phenomenon,” said Ueda on Brazilian television channel Combate.

Royler (5w, 5l, 1d) bids farewell to the rings having fought one of the best fighters in Japan at present. At 45 years of age, the Gracie fought for three rounds against the 33-year-old Ueda (14w, 1l, 2d).

“I want to apologize to the public, but just being here, at my age, is a lot harder than being in front of a TV. My endurance wasn’t what it once was but I honored what I’ve done my whole life,” he said.

“My opponent is a dangerous one; I know him well. Regardless of the outcome, I ended things just right,” said Royler in closing, adding that he would like to see more support for Brazilian athletes.

In the other fights on the card, Antonio Braga Neto wasn’t in the main event but his win over Maiquel Falcão was definitely the best fight of the night. Braga was practically knocked out in the first round, literally driving on automatic, having taken an endless stream of strikes from his opponent’s heavy hands. The second round saw the black belt go for the takedown and use the Jiu-Jitsu savvy that has won him world championships, passing guard and finishing with a tight armbar.

“I’m not just Brazilian, I’m a ‘caboclo’ (term for indigenous people) from Amazonas!” He shouted, to a delirious crowd.

Ronys Torres took just 47 seconds in knocking out Drew Fickett, notching his eighth back-to-back win; Daniel Acácio put away Sergio Junior by knockout in 2:50 minutes. Marcos “Capitão” Alexandre used his Jiu-Jitsu to earn a unanimous decision over also black belt Daniel “Roupinol” Aguiar. The low point of the evening was Paulão Filho’s draw with Japanese Olympic judoka Satoshi Ishii. Even Paulo didn’t buy the draw:

“I must confess that I feel I didn’t win. But I’m ready to fight him again to settle this matter,” admitted Paulão, who was applauded for his sincerity.

In the all international bout, Jordan Smith overcame former UFC fighter Karo Parisyan. Also noteworthy was George Clay’s submission win over Anthony Birchack.

Check out the complete results:

Amazon Forest Combat
Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil
Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Masakatsu Ueda defeated Royler Gracie via unanimous decision;
Paulão Filho and Satoshi Ishii fought to a draw;
Ronys Torres defeated Drew Fickett via TKO at 0.47 min of R1;
Antonio Braga Neto submitted Maiquel Falcão via armbar at 4:26 min of R2;
Jordan Smith defeated Karo Parisyan via split decision;
Daniel Acácio defeated Sérgio Junior via KO at 2:50 min of R1;
George Clay submitted Anthony Birchack via rear-naked choke at 1:29 min of R1;
Marcos Alexandre Capitão defeated Daniel Roupinol via unanimous decision;
Dileno Lopes submitted Adson Jander via guillotine at 1:15 min of R1;
Rivaldo Junior defeated André Leocádio via split decision

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