Rodolfo Vieira: “I was invited to fight Ryron at Metamoris”

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Na busca por ser um campeão cada vez mais completo, Rodolfo Vieira afia a guarda. Fotos: Heath.

Rodolfo Vieira practicing guard / GRACIEMAG archive photo

by Vitor Freitas

Current world heavyweight-title holder Rodolfo Vieira returns to competition Jiu-Jitsu this Saturday at the CBJJ Brazilian Team Nationals, and before taking to combat, the GFTeam ace had a quick chat with

GRACIEMAG: A lot of our readers called for you to be added to the Metamoris card, where big-name Jiu-Jitsu competitors face off in 20-minute, no-points-counted supermatches. What’s your take on the event, set to go down October 14 in San Diego, California?

RODOLFO VIEIRA: Man, that’s one event I’d do anything to watch. Ralek Gracie [promoter of the event] even invited me to face Ryron [the Gracie will be facing André Galvão]. But it’ll be on the same day as another event, in Brasilia. I thanked him for the opportunity and told him, this year I’ll have to pass. Now I’m rooting for my buddy Bochecha. He has a really tricky match ahead of him against Roger Gracie, and Roger’s Roger, right? One mistake against him and that could be it, especially in a 20-minute match. I feel that [match duration] works more in the Gracie’s favor. I’m happy Bochecha has been given this opportunity; he’s a good kid and deserves it. Sparks are going to fly in their match. It’s got the makings of the fight of the night.

What are your expectations for the contest you’re entering now?

I always expect the best. I trained so hard and am really confident—not just in myself but in my team. We’ll be going into this Brazilian Team Nationals strong at all belt levels.

How did your seminar tour of Brazil go?

It was well worth it. I got to see cool places and could see how my work is being recognized, and that’s really gratifying. I’m pleased with all the demand. I really didn’t expect it… I took some time off to train for this championship, but I’ll take it back up again afterwards. It was nice to get some time off, because travel can be kind of tiring. I couldn’t take being in any more airports…

What did you teach people?

I taught them what I do best, my guard passes, which is what I enjoy the most. It’s hard to get any guard stuff in (laughs).

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