Compete at the US Open & Pride, and travel coast to coast for free

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Tanquinho, the featherweight world runner-up, is the big name confirmed for the US Open, along with another dozen of brown and black belts. Photo: Alicia Anthony/2009.

That practicing Jiu-Jitsu lets you soar to new heights everybody knows, but the organizers of the US Open and Long Island Pride went overboard, with a well designed promotion.

Two of the most classic and best-organized tournaments in the USA, the US Open, in San Jose, California, and Long Island Pride in New York state, decided to make things easier on their participants. This year, anyone who competes in both tournaments enters the running for a coast-to-coast trip in the USA.

The promotion works like this: anyone who signs up for Long Island Pride, to take place on the coming 11th in NY, will enter the running for an all-expenses-paid round trip including hotel and sign-up fees for the October US Open. Thus, the competitor gets to travel without shelling out a cent and even gets to keep up their Jiu-Jitsu rhythm. To boot, they could even to to town and “unify” the East and West Coast titles.

By the same token, anyone who signs up for the upcoming October 15 and 16 US Open could win an all-expenses-paid Cali-NY-Cali trip to the next installment of Long Island Pride, set for March of 2012.

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