Outcome of fight on telenovela

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As the erroneous cliché goes, “This novela is becoming a miniseries.” But GRACIEMAG.com readers can rest assured, we’re not going to be talking about the telenovela every day.

Nevertheless, here goes the final part of the MMA fight on the Brazilian prime time telenovela by Aguinaldo Silva, “Fina Estampa” , aired October 3 in Brazil. The scene is a milestone for being the first time the sport is shown as a work of fiction on prime time programming in the country.

Click here, get a load of the sound design, and comment below! The fight stars up at the 6:30 minute mark and returns again at 14:45 min and 26 min.

Arona deu uma de juizão na Globo. Foto: Divulgação.


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